PK Rodless rectilinear displacement transducer based on potentiometric technology for every kind of linear displacements measurement. This linear sensor has a protection grade of IP40. The word potentiometer comes from potential, which refers to voltage potential, or difference. A potentiometer then is a device for measuring voltage difference.

In fact, a potentiometer is simply a resistor with a variable resistance value. Typically it is composed of a resistive material through which a current is passed. Unlike a static resistor, however, the point at which the current exits the resistive material is variable. Most often this is done by using a brush, which makes electrical contact with the resistive material, and which can be moved using a handle.

By moving the brush, the voltage potential being measured can be modified. For these sensors the rod is the brush and the further it is pulled the higher the reading. These Gefran sensors are drop in replacements for other popular brands. For any question give are sales time a call.

  • The transducer has been improved in order to guarantee greater reliability under all conditions
  • Mechanical linkage using joint with take up of play, M5 thread
  • Installation is made simpler by the absence of electrical signal variation in output, outside the Theoretical Electrical Stroke
  • The new grooves provide an excellent alternative to the usual system of fastening with brackets
  • Ideal for applications on plastic injection presses, vertical presses, and on many other processing machines
  • Grade of protection IP40

Gefran Linear Sensor

GEFRAN manufactures their melt sensors one of two ways: with extensometric filling fluid technology or with silicon piezoresistive technology. Whether fluid or fluid-free, their melt sensors are capable of detecting pressure up to 538 degrees Celsius. GEFRAN also offers four different designs: rigid stem, flexible sheath, flexible with thermocouple, and exposed capillary, and all four can be installed into any environment.

Linear Transducers

Linear transducers measure linear displacement/movement in all directions. These transducers work by detecting and converting linear movement into an electronic signal, which is then sent to a machine’s monitoring system. Linear transducers are typically installed in plastic injection presses and vertical presses. Hi-Watt offers reliable linear potentiometers by GEFRAN. Reach out to us today to learn more about our line of products.