Watlow Heaters

Watlow heatersChoose a leader in industrial electric heaters to power your industrial application. Whether you need a replacement heater, repair services or you’re looking for a brand-new heater for a unique process, discover why Watlow heaters are a premier option for a variety of industries.

Find out more about this leading manufacturer and why Hi-Watt are leading Watlow distributors. Don’t let a damaged heater hold your company back, but quickly restore your process with Watlow heaters.

The History of Watlow

Since 1922, Watlow has been manufacturing electric heating elements. Now a global company, Watlow has offices in 16 countries and holds over 450 patents. This global leader produces precision industrial heaters, controllers, temperature sensors and innovative software to keep your heater working at peak efficiency. Watlow continues to lead the way in heating elements for medical, defense, chemical processing, industrial manufacturing and other industries.

Types of Watlow Heaters

Watlow produces an incredible variety of heating products, so it can be difficult to find the best option for your needs. Our team at Hi-Watt can assist you in ordering the exact heater or replacement part for your specific operation. Here are some of the most common Watlow heating options:

  • Air heaters
  • Flexible heaters
  • Cartridge and insertion heaters
  • Immersion heaters
  • High-temperature heaters
  • Nozzle heaters, and more

Heaters are divided into categories based on the heating element, control system and temperature ranges. Some heating elements, like immersion heaters, are designed to thoroughly and quickly heat up liquid. These heaters need to have a durable exterior that’s corrosion resistant and capable of reaching optimal temperatures.

Flexible heaters use bendable shapes and thin materials to heat any shape of material. Lay it flat to warm up sheet metal components or wrap it out a cylindrical component to prevent freezing or condensation.

Air heaters are a versatile option for preventing condensation and freezing. These are typically used to prevent condensation in a mechanical housing or used in forced air applications. Nozzle heaters offer a precise fit on cylindrical parts.

These are commonly used in medical applications and industrial processes for all temperature ranges.

Finding the exact category of heater that fits your industrial needs can be difficult, but Watlow also offers various products within each category. Finding the right part or heater can be time-consuming without a talented team who understands the entire product line of this leading industrial heating company.

Industries Served

There are many industries that use industrial heaters for daily processes. Here are just a few examples of industries that may need a replacement heater or component from Watlow:

• Defense and aerospace • Research and development • Chemical processing • Thermal processing • Injection mold tooling • Plastic processing

Whether you use a single immersion heater or have an entire line of flexible, high-temperature and other heater options, it’s essential to find a reliable service provider for your heating needs. Work with our technical support services and guides to determine not only the correct heater for your equipment but also the correct installation, maintenance and signs of repair issues.

Hi-Watt Industrial Electric Heaters

As leading Watlow distributors in Michigan, Hi-Watt works with a range of local industrial manufacturers, defense companies and processing plants to provide the latest heating products at affordable rates. We offer all types of industrial heaters and work with you to find the perfect option for your process.

Choose a leading distributor of industrial electric heaters for your Watlow products and other heating devices. At Hi-Watt, we pride ourselves in meeting customer timelines and processing emergency requests rapidly.

Contact us today to learn more about your Watlow heating options and find the exact model of heater or replacement component you need to keep moving forward in your industry.



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