Why Use Thermocouples?

Paper producers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and mining operations rely on thermocouple sensors; so do many other industries that need to check temperatures regularly. Their widespread use is because they are inexpensive. Resistance temperature detectors perform similarly to thermocouples but generally cost twice as much. Also, thermocouples do not require power supplies, batteries, or specialized connectors, driving down their installation costs.

Thermocouples’ ability to withstand extreme temperatures also explains their popularity. These devices can easily measure substances that are hotter than 1,202 degrees Fahrenheit, which is magnesium’s melting point. They function well in cold environments, too, making them ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturing and information technology applications.

Finally, we recommend thermocouples to our customers because they last a long time. Their sheaths offer protection from chemicals and other corrosive materials, and we choose their wires’ material carefully to maximize their longevity.

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