industrial pressure sensors

An accurate and reliable pressure sensor will meet exacting industry and application requirements. These measuring devices are also known as pressure transducers. They convert PSI readings from gases, liquids and solids into voltage or current signals. Inert gases, corrosive liquids, and wet/dry mediums can be monitored continuously using a sensor.

The best pressure sensing devices offer enhanced control during processing at various temperatures, including high ones. Heavy-duty pressure transducers are built for industrial applications. Models with precision accuracy feature lower error ratings.

We supply the most reliable pressure sensing equipment for various mediums in durable materials. Heavy-duty housing and vibration/shock-resistant designs are available. Shop our pressure sensors that vary by pressure range, PSI accuracy levels, type of measurement, media compatibility, and other factors.

Industrial Pressure Sensor for Manufacturing

The electronic control of an industrial pressure sensor is integral to air conditioning, refrigeration, agricultural and industrial processes. Reliable pressure sensing technology generates readings in general, hazardous and demanding environments.

The latest pressure transducers developed with thin-film technology deliver fast responses with a higher level of accuracy. These sensors for industrial applications can be specially configured for harsh environments, such as plastic extrusion, to safeguard quality manufacturing. From pressure to humidity sensors, we’re your source for the latest sensing technology.

Temperature and Pressure Sensor Integration

Two monitoring and control tools can be combined in one device. A temperature and pressure sensor provides both temperature control and pressure monitoring for liquids and gases.

The integrated units can be used in HVAC, refrigeration or industrial pumps. The individual specifications for each instrument should be considered when the industrial pressure/temperature sensor is ordered. Browse equipment designed for flawless performance by top marketplace manufacturers now.