non contact infrared sensor

Our non-contact infrared sensors represent advanced technology. Precision measurements can be taken without physical contact. That means there’s no chance of object abrasion, wear or contamination during the heat sensing. We distribute contactless infrared temperature sensors that are ideal for production environments, R&D, industrial processing and intense heat conditions.

Thermal Imaging

Since sensor readings are taken remotely, processes are not interrupted. Our non-contact sensing devices have specific temperature range specifications. We offer models that are suited to particular sectors, such as metal, plastics or glass. These performance devices deliver fast measurements and smart monitoring.

State-of-the-art process control is at an operator’s fingertips with one type of non-contact device – the IR imaging camera. These cameras from innovative manufacturers can capture views and measurements of thousands of temperature points.

Fast Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

Compact designs. Elite technology. Dependable performance. These benefits are featured in a non-contact infrared temperature sensor. With contact sensors, such as thermocouples, the subject and sensing equipment have a physical connection. However, a non-contact, infrared temperature sensing device detects the level of infrared energy emitted by a moving or stationary solid or liquid.

This detected heat is transformed into a voltage signal. Non-contact temperature sensors usually boast ultra fast response times, with measurements in the milliseconds. Our infrared temperature sensors from superior manufacturers are recognized for their high tech designs, ruggedness and accuracy.

It is important to remember these sensors do not measure the energy of gases. Call us now to learn more about our contact or non-contact IR devices for temperature sensing across a range of critical applications.