Take precise control of hot runner systems by implementing proven technology. Our temperature control modules for hot runner components offer exceptional reliability and operator-friendly functions.

A hot runner mold temperature controller oversees the gradual elevation of temperature until setpoint is attained. Operations can be automatic, based on desired setpoint input. The digital display readouts are easily accessed.

Successful mold heating involves using a field-worthy controller. Heating components are protected and mold contents dry appropriately with our exceptionally engineered temperature controllers for hot runner molding applications.

Hot Runner Systems

In injection molds, hot runner systems inject molten plastic into the mold cavities through an assembly of heated parts. This contrasts cold runner systems that simply provide a channel for the plastic to pass through. Typically, the system includes a manifold and nozzles, all of which are heated.

The manifold distributes plastic to the nozzles, which then inject it precisely into the mold cavities. To help achieve the best results, one or more hot runner temperature controllers monitor the system and modulate the temperature as necessary.



  • The Hi-Watt module a durable and fully featured with all the functionality necessary for today’s molding requirements.


  • The UATC-20 Hot Runner Temperature Controller is an advanced and fully microprocessor based module designed for Hot Runner Mold Temperature Control applications.

    The unique circuitry of the UATC-20 results in a rugged, dependable and simple to operate unit. The UATC-20’s programmeable advanced diagnostic functions provide essential insights into the operation of specific heating zones.


  • The rugged and dependable “S20” series hot runner temperature controller provides users with an unprecedented level of dependability and ease of operation in even the harshest manufacturing environments.

    The field proven design and circuitry of the “S20” series controller modules produce an instrument that is extremely versatile, efficient and cost effective.

Single Zone Control

  • Single Zone Temperature Controllers offer the most advanced microprocessor technology on the market. These units deliver precision control and enhanced diagnostic and control features.

    In addition, they are compact in size, enclosed within a rugged enclosure and manufactured to standup to the rigors of industrial and manufacturing environments.

Mainframe Chassis

  • We offer modular hot runner main frame chassis compatible with a wide variety of zone systems. Chassis range typically from 10-50 max amps per zone with 50 amp standard circuit breakers (70 amps optional).

    Standard accessories typically include mold power cables, mold T/C cable, mold power connectors, floor stands and are compatible with modules including: UATC-20 and the S20-D3C.

Hot Runner Temperature Systems

Hot runner systems offer superior injection molding results. The brains of these systems are the temperature controllers. These allow the system to function optimally with minimal wastage and improved quality. To find the ideal hot runner temperature controllers for your needs, turn to Hi Watt Inc.

Advantages of Hot Runner Systems

Using a hot runner system offers some significant benefits over a cold runner system. These are the most noteworthy:

  • The cycle time is shorter because there is no runner controlling the colling time.
  • It is easier to start the cycle because there is no runner removal.
  • The system can be designed more flexibly because there is greater control.
  • The melt flow is more balanced thanks to the heated manifolds.
  • The product is of higher quality with fewer sink marks and under-filled parts.

Hot Runner Controllers

In these systems, hot runner temperature controllers are control systems that continuously monitor the temperature of the assembly components. The systems can be controlled entirely centrally be a mainframe or used localized control modules to provide real-time, dedicated management of the hot runner assemblies.

Acting as the brain of the system, the hot runner temperature controller ensures even heating that is always within the ideal thresholds. The system brings each component up to the setpoint temperature gradually. This process helps to protect the various parts of the hot runner assembly. It also assists with drying the mold contents.

Hi Watt Inc. produces extremely user-friendly control modules that offer industry-leading reliability. Our controllers feature highly capable microprocessors that efficiently manage the heating elements of the system. Additionally, they have easy-to-use digital displays for straightforward access to system data.

The Importance of Effective Hot Runner Temperature Controllers

Although a hot runner system could operate in a “dumb” arrangement without a dedicated temperature controller, using a top-quality module is worth the investment. These are some of the advantages of using a Hi Watt Inc. temperature controller in your system:• Better Quality Product: Consistent temperature in the molds can help to ensure that the plastic is kept at the ideal temperature throughout the injection molding process. Furthermore, when components are heated gradually, the system can achieve more even heat distribution. This is essential for producing the best quality product.

  • More Productive Molds: Hot runner systems with temperature controllers can operate with minimal operator intervention. Furthermore, they can be kept within the most productive temperature ranges. This translates to more mold uptime and productivity.
  • Reduced Scrap: Fewer defects in the product means less scrap. Additionally, optimized hot runners use plastic as efficiently as possible.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Consistent temperatures ensure that wear is carefully managed. There is also a reduced likelihood of clogging.

These advantages translate to bottom-line performance for your injection molding equipment. The return on investment from Hi Watt Inc. equipment is unbeatable.

Hot Runner Cables

Hi Watt Inc. controllers are best supported by our purpose-designed cables. These establish a secure and efficient connection between the controller and the rest of the system.

Additionally, these cables are designed to handle the unique rigors and requirements of injection molding systems. Our cables and other accessories are the keys to getting the best performance from your hot runner temperature controllers.

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