Take precise control of hot runner systems by implementing proven technology. Our temperature control modules for hot runner components offer exceptional reliability and operator-friendly functions.

A hot runner mold temperature controller oversees the gradual elevation of temperature until setpoint is attained. Operations can be automatic, based on desired setpoint input. The digital display readouts are easily accessed.

Successful mold heating involves using a field-worthy controller. Heating components are protected and mold contents dry appropriately with our exceptionally engineered temperature controllers for hot runner molding applications.



  • The Hi-Watt module a durable and fully featured with all the functionality necessary for today’s molding requirements.


  • The UATC-20 Hot Runner Temperature Controller is an advanced and fully microprocessor based module designed for Hot Runner Mold Temperature Control applications.

    The unique circuitry of the UATC-20 results in a rugged, dependable and simple to operate unit. The UATC-20’s programmeable advanced diagnostic functions provide essential insights into the operation of specific heating zones.


  • The rugged and dependable “S20” series hot runner temperature controller provides users with an unprecedented level of dependability and ease of operation in even the harshest manufacturing environments.

    The field proven design and circuitry of the “S20” series controller modules produce an instrument that is extremely versatile, efficient and cost effective.

Single Zone Control

  • Single Zone Temperature Controllers offer the most advanced microprocessor technology on the market. These units deliver precision control and enhanced diagnostic and control features.

    In addition, they are compact in size, enclosed within a rugged enclosure and manufactured to standup to the rigors of industrial and manufacturing environments.

Mainframe Chassis

  • We offer modular hot runner main frame chassis compatible with a wide variety of zone systems. Chassis range typically from 10-50 max amps per zone with 50 amp standard circuit breakers (70 amps optional).

    Standard accessories typically include mold power cables, mold T/C cable, mold power connectors, floor stands and are compatible with modules including: UATC-20 and the S20-D3C.