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Hi-Watt has been one of the country’s leading Tempco distributors for many years now. We offer a wide selection of industrial Tempco heaters, including infrared radiant heaters, immersion heaters, band heaters, and even tubular heaters. 

Hi-Watt also offers Tempco heating elements and controls. If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of Tempco heaters we carry, keep reading. 

Our Different Types of Tempco Heaters

We carry a full line of Tempco heaters, and will work closely with you to ensure that we find the right device for your needs. Whether your production facility needs an immersion heater to heat up liquid, a versatile radiant heater, or even a custom tubular heater, we’ve got you covered. 

Read below to learn more about our different types of heaters.

Tempco Infrared Radiant Heaters

Tempco’s infrared radiant heaters are some of our most popular products due to their durability and versatility. These heaters use a tube or multiple tubes that give off concentrated and powerful heat.

Infrared radiant heaters are great for many applications, including:

  1. Curing or drying various products in a facility.
  2. Keeping animals warm.
  3. Keeping food hot

Whether you’re running a food production facility or a restaurant, an infrared radiant heater could be the best choice for you. They can be used individually, but are more often used collectively in a heating array. Tempco’s heaters come in standard sizes so it is easy to arrange multiple heaters.

Call today to request a quote on infrared radiant heaters. 

Tempco Immersion Heaters

As a Tempco distributor, we offer immersion heaters, which are designed to heat up liquids when placed directly in the liquid. 

Tempco immersion heaters can be used in water, machine oil, degreasing liquid, processing solutions, industrial salts, and even gases. There are several subtypes of immersion heaters that we carry, including screw-plug and flanged. 

Screw-Plug Immersion Heaters

Screw-plug immersion heaters have tubular heating elements, like most heaters, which are either brazed or welded into a threaded screw plug. This is done so that the heating elements can be inserted into a threaded opening in the wall of a tank. 

The threading ensures that the heating elements can be held securely in place, which ensures even and predictable heating. The plug on the end of the device contains the heating controls. This design makes it easy to install or remove a screw-plug immersion heater.

The heating elements in a screw-plug immersion heater are usually made out of steel, as is the screw plug itself. This is because steel can conduct heat at high temperatures over long periods without being compromised. 

Some of the more powerful screw-plug immersion heaters use a special alloy called Incoloy 800 for their heating elements. This alloy is even more resistant to heat than steel, while also being more resistant to damage from liquid environments.

Some low temperature screw-plug immersion heaters use copper elements. These heaters are usually used to heat clean water. Interested in learning more about screw-plug immersion heaters? Call us today. 

Flanged Immersion Heaters

Flanged immersion heaters are easy to add to products in development due to their versatility and small profile. They have tubular heating elements that are welded or brazed onto a flange of stainless steel plates. Both the heating elements and the flange can be sized according to the application. Flanged immersion heaters generally have 1, 3, or 6 tubular heating elements.

The heating element construction of flanged immersion heaters is similar to that of screw-plug heaters. Steel is the most common material used, followed closely by Incoloy 800. Copper heating elements are also used for low-temperature heating applications. As a Tempco distributor, we offer round flanges in standard sizes, as well as custom-made square or rectangular flanges.

Flange immersion heaters do not come with a housing. This is because these heaters use only screw terminals. You can specify a thermostat for your flange immersion heaters. Tempco offers both double pole and single pole thermostats.

Tempco Band Heaters

This type of Tempco heater is primarily designed to heat cylindrical objects. They are often used to heat pipes or nozzles that are used in production facilities in various industries. Band heaters encircle these pipes or nozzles and heat them through the process of conduction. There are several types of band heaters, including:

  • Cast-in Band Heaters
  • Ceramic Band Heaters
  • Mica Band Heaters
  • Mineral-Insulated Band Heaters
  • Tubular Band Heaters

Cast-In Band Heaters

Cast-in band heaters are the most common type of band heater. They are usually made from aluminum, as aluminum is an affordable material with excellent conduction properties. However, aluminum is unsuitable for the most extreme temperatures. Cast-in band heaters in extreme environments are usually made with brass alloys or bronze.

Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic band heaters are very energy efficient, and can also get hotter than metal heating bands. These heaters can reach temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, while the ceramic fiber insulation keeps the external temperature of the unit at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mica Band Heaters

Mica band heaters use mica insulation, which allows for higher temperatures and greater durability. Mica insulation also allows the heater to very quickly reach its peak operating temperature. Mica band heaters can be used at temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mineral-Insulated Band Heaters

Mineral-insulated band heaters are perhaps the most advanced type of Tempco band heater that we offer. These heaters use mineral-insulated tape that covers a nickel chrome heating element. The outer sheath of the heater is made out of stainless steel. The design of these heaters allows them to reach extremely high temperatures of 1400 Fahrenheit. Mineral-insulated band heaters are also perfect for applications that require a high watt density.

Tubular Band Heaters

Tubular band heaters are often used in plastic production facilities. These heaters feature a long tubular heating element attached to a strap made out of a low thermal expansion material. Tempco uses Incoloy 840 for this heating element, as it has a higher level of resistance to oxidation than Incoloy 800. There are several types of electrical terminations offered, including screw housing, wire braid, and armor cable types.

Tempco Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are composed of tubes that can be formed into nearly any shape. This type of heater is often produced in custom shapes. Tubular heating elements are made out of stainless steel, steel, copper, Inconel, or Incoloy. These heaters can be standalone products, but they are usually assembled into larger machines.

Finned tubular heaters are commonly used for HVAC applications. Tubular heaters without fins can be used for a variety of applications, including animal incubation, baking equipment, and epoxy curing.

Why Choose Tempco for Heating Products?

Tempco has been one of the leading manufacturers of industrial heaters for nearly 50 years. They have built a reputation of offering cutting-edge products and high-quality customer service. This has allowed the company to grow from 3 employees to the over 400 employees it has today. 

Tempco products are manufactured in the USA by skilled employees in two production facilities located in Wood Dale, Illinois. Tempco serves companies in the industrial, medical, commercial, and scientific sectors. They place a strong emphasis on research and development, which allows them to constantly come up with new types of heaters and heater components.

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