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Hi-Watt Is Now Carrying Eurotherm Products, Watlow’s PM PLUS™, and PM LEGACY™

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI. – Hi-Watt, a leading distributor and supplier of heating and temperature control products in the greater Michigan area, recently announced its decision to expand its current inventory to include Eurotherm products along with Watlow’s new PM Legacy and PM Plus.

As a full-service industrial temperature control partner, Hi-Watt has historically supported our customer’s output, scrap and datalogging goals with effective control components and integrated solutions. Eurotherm has been a long-respected controls supplier in several industries we service including plastics, automotive and aerospace. We are excited to add Eurotherm’s innovative control solutions to our product line up.

Jonas Rodger, Owner

Hi-Watt already distributes and supplies industrial heaters, sensors, and other solutions from brands, including Chromalox, Tempco, Gefran, BriskHeat, and more.

By expanding its inventory, Hi-Watt can provide more helpful, custom-tailored options for manufacturers in Michigan.

About Eurotherm

Eurotherm was founded in 1965 as a temperature control manufacturer and expanded their capabilities to include machine automation applications and systems and monitoring services for various industries. Over the years, Eurotherm has created a variety of products designed to improve quality control and manufacturing process conditions.

Eurotherm was previously part of the Schneider Electric Company, but in October 2022, they were acquired by Watlow, an industry-leading global thermal systems manufacturer.

About Watlow

Watlow is a world-class industrial technology and thermal products leader solving the most challenging thermal problems for over 100 years. Their product range consists of electric resistive heaters, temperature sensors, temperature controllers, and supporting software, all thermal system components. They partner with customers to optimize thermal performance, decrease design time, and improve the efficiency of products and applications across industries such as semiconductor processing, clean environmental technology, energy generation, diesel emissions, medical, and food service equipment.

Hi-Watt’s Newly Expanded Inventory

Hi-Watt carries thermal products for all types of industries. These products include industrial electric heaters, temperature sensors, process controllers, and thermal accessories. 

By adding Eurotherm products to their existing inventory, Hi-Watt can now offer manufacturers a new line of innovative temperature controllers, data loggers and recorders, and power controllers.

Additionally, Watlow’s PM PLUS™ and PM LEGACY™ are designed with advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, these PID controllers are the ideal solutions for customers seeking high performance, reliability, and versatility in power controllers.

Manufacturers in Michigan who need custom-made thermal products and solutions can visit Hi-Watt’s website to view their newly expanded inventory.

About Hi-Watt

Hi-Watt Inc. has been a leading distributor of heating and temperature control systems in Michigan since 1979. Hi-Watt supplies thermal products to plastic processing, energy, and defense industries to mention only a few. The Hi-Watt team also designs, repairs, and trains customers for a full-service experience for their customers.

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