Are Ceramic Infrared Heaters Safe?

Ceramic IR heaters are safe; they do not create pollutants as they run, and they do not involve open flames the way wood heaters do. Because they do not rely on radiative heat transfer, they do not add dangerous levels of heat to employees’ working conditions.

Additionally, they prevent mildew and other molds from growing because they do not help humid air circulate. The heating process also does not get rid of any moisture or oxygen in the air, keeping the air quality high.

Another benefit of these heaters is that they last a long time. The average IR heater produces at least 10,000 hours of heat, or more than 416 days of constant heat production. Protective glazes keep the heaters from getting damaged by water or corroding when exposed to the air, making them more durable than most space heaters.

Finally, these heaters are much easier to maintain than traditional heat sources. Ceramic infrared heating elements do not move as they operate, preventing the need for lubricant application, calibrations, and other time-consuming maintenance tasks.

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