How Do Silicone Rubber Flexible Heaters Work?

Silicone rubber flexible heaters are among the most popular options available. These industrial heaters consist of a metal heating element that is attached to a power lead. It is usually placed between two sheets of silicon rubber. This is a popular material for a heater because it is thin, light, and tough. Furthermore, it has a relative lack of reactivity, making it resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and liquids. This could be a strong option if you need a heater to withstand acids and bases. Silicone heaters are also manufactured across a wide variety of wattages and power densities. This allows the user to customize their silicone heaters to meet their specific needs. Because the rubber is flexible and durable, it can be cut into just about any shape, allowing it to fit in almost any location. Finally, there are thermostats that are attached directly to the heating pad. Thermal fuses can also be included with silicone rubber heaters to prevent them from overheating in the event of a failure.

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