How Do Strip Heaters Work?

Tempco heaters, Watlow heaters, as well as other industrial heaters of this variety, have a simple, uncluttered design for superior functionality and longevity. When attached to an electrical power source, the current is passed through the heating element, where it is then transferred to the metal sleeve.

As the surface of the heater rises in temperature, it warms the surrounding air and the object on which it is mounted.

At low temperatures, these heaters can be used to heat substances with high viscosity and low heat transferability, such as asphalt or molasses. Higher temperatures are appropriate for heating air or metal. Though temperatures can reach as high as 932°F, the application will dictate the proper heat level.

Because they can reach such high temperatures, high watt density heaters are not recommended for volatile or explosive substances and should only be used in environments that have adequate circulation.

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