What Is a Ceramic Infrared Heater?

A ceramic infrared heater is an industrial infrared heater that uses infrared radiation housed by ceramics to produce heat. This form of radiation is less powerful than microwaves but more powerful than ultraviolet rays and visible light. Traditional sources of industrial infrared heating include quartz infrared heaters, tubular heaters, and gas-powered heaters.

IR heaters have different shapes based on their purposes; curved heaters create more focused heat, while flat ones heat large areas more effectively. When their radiation wavelength is within 3 and 6 microns, these industrial electric heaters are capable of operating between 300 and 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

It takes them up to 15 minutes to attain their maximum temperatures, and they need protective glazes to keep their ceramic infrared heating elements from cracking or oxidizing. We recommend pairing IR heaters with a k type thermocouple or j type thermocouple to track their temperatures.

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