What is a radiant tube heater?

Radiant tube heaters are a type of industrial heater which provides a range of wavelengths to heat your product to the correct temperature.

Depending on the wavelength, the temperature can range between 1,300 and 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit. Receive consistent short, medium and long wavelength heating with these three basic industrial infrared heater designs:

  • Radiant Panel Heater Metal sheath
  • Quartz Infrared Heaters
  • Ceramic Radiant Heat Panels

A metal sheathed radiant tube heater provides a contamination-resistant heating surface that can provide rapid temperature adjustment. When you choose the ideal panel with professional installation, you’ll enjoy reliable heating for any application.

Quartz infrared heaters use short-to-medium wavelengths for incredibly fast heat-ups and cool-downs. A quartz lamp spreads the infrared heat evenly to avoid hot spots and uneven temperatures. Durable, long-lasting and remarkably prompt, quartz infrared heaters are a popular option for most heating situations.

An affordable option for reasonably heating of large areas is a ceramic infrared heater. Ceramic is a cost-effective option that is often used in residential applications. Provide multi-zone heating for an entire home without installing ductwork or other ventilation. Ceramic heating takes up to five minutes to fully heat, so it isn’t as efficient as quartz. However, purchasing and replacing ceramic radiant infrared heating elements is far more efficient than other, costly elements.

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