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What Is SpecView?

streamlined HMI, or human machine interface, for your Watlow heaters and industrial controllers, learn more about this easy to use software today. Find all the answers to your essential questions and find out how Hi-Watt can assist you in implementing this state-of-the-art HMI in your facility.

SpecView allows you to easily operate a range of power controllers for diverse industrial applications. A wide range of industries and controllers types successfully use this Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software. Here are a few patented Watlow controllers that are compatible with this particular software:

  • EZ-ZONE controllers
  • ASPYRE power controllers
  • F4T with INTUITION process controllers
  • Watlow PM Legacy™ and PM Plus™
  • Third-party controllers and other products

A major factor in choosing SpecView is the integrated nature of this software. Because Watlow produces the software and hardware for your industrial controllers, this software automatically communicates efficiently with your controller, which reduces installation and programming time.

Bar code reading, process adjusting, machine troubleshooting and data logging are just a few of the popular capabilities of this easy to use software from Watlow. Depending on your industrial need, you can easily adjust the screens, data logging and other features to fit your particular equipment and operation.

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