Why Choose an IR Heater?

There are different types of electric infrared heaters, some of which also facilitate fast heat transfer. So, what is it about quartz heaters that give them an edge over other options?

  1. Energy Efficiency: The cost of energy combined with concerns about sustainability brought the importance of efficiency to the forefront in all industries. Quartz lamps efficiently use the heat created in the infrared region. The heat source is also environmentally friendly and causes no pollution.
  2. Quick Heating Rates: One reason for the efficiency of quartz heaters is the extremely fast heating caused by high thermal transfer. This results from the high source temperature of the tungsten filament. Quartz heaters with the shortest wavelengths offer the fastest response times.
  3. High Temperatures: Along with heating up quickly, quartz infrared heaters reach the highest temperatures compared to other infrared heater alternatives. Some may reach temperatures as high as 1600°F in just seconds.
  4. High Level of Control: Control overheat and energy sources is an important requirement for use in industrial spaces. Quartz infrared heaters allow operators precise control to match the specific required temperature of various processes.
  5. Greater Flexibility: These heaters have a small footprint. This leaves more workspace for production managers or logistics experts to design better workflow. The availability of more space helps to increase productivity while minimizing safety issues from overcrowding.
  6. Cost Efficient: In spite of these benefits, quartz infrared heaters are affordable. Installation costs tend to be lower than other forms of heating. Maintenance is also low cost. The bulbs used in the heating process last for up to five years and cost around $15 or less to replace.

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