Our ceramic infrared heaters and ceramic radiant heat panels are convenient and inexpensive to use. They heat up quickly; achieving their full temperature within five minutes, and provides a constant temperature from floor to ceiling-there is no drafts or cold spots.

The whole house system allows for multi-zone heating, so that you can turn up the temperature only when you are in the room. Our heating systems are easy to install, requiring no ducts, pipes, furnaces, or chimneys, and the installation costs less than that of nearly all other systems.

Ceramic Infrared Heaters

In addition to ceramic radiant heat panels Hi-Watt also has industrial infrared heaters , radiant tube heaters and more. Contact us for details.

Design Features

  • Universal mount designed to be dropped into existing systems regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Standard colors are metamorphing rose (cold) to grey (hot), and traditional white. Optional colors for ceramic radiant heat panels are metamorphing yellow (cold) to orange (hot), and black.
  • Standard stocked voltage: 120 or 220/240V as noted; other voltages are available.
  • Ceramic infrared heaters are available with built-in K type thermocouple. J type thermocouple is also available. Low noise options are also available.
  • Long operating life—over 10,000-plus hours of continuous operation under normal conditions
  • Performance is unaffected by vibration or adverse atmospheric conditions.
  • 2.5 to 6µm infrared radiation wavelength
  • Highest Radiant Efficiency – 96%
  • Heat-up Cool-down Time – 1.5 to 5.5 minutes
  • Infrared Wavelength Range from 2.0 to 10µm
  • Reflectors and housings are also available
  • Standard colors are rose – changes to gray when energized, and traditional white.
  • Also available in yellow which changes to orange when energized, and black

Cost Effective and Efficient

Quality, performance and environmental safety are all key issues when it comes to industrial heaters. Hi-Watt specializes in delivering you cost-effective and efficient temperature control systems and solutions.

Hi-Watt Inc. provides superior-quality ceramic infrared heaters in an assortment of designs and configurations. With rapid warm-up and radiant heating that doesn’t require air to circulate, our infrared heaters are an optimal solution for many industrial processes.

Infrared Heating Options

Our ceramic infrared units feature universal mounts, designed for ease of installation and use. The long operating lifetimes of these units also boosts efficiency while keeping expenses down by avoiding excessive maintenance and replacement costs. As you may also know, ceramic infrared heat releases no volatile compounds into the air.Depending on your operations environment, there are two types of thermocouples available for use with your Ceramic IR heater:

  • K-type thermocouples are incredibly affordable and work best in situations without temperature extremes: medical facilities, boilers, oil heaters, food service production, engine rooms and more.
  • J-type thermocouples are created for more strenuous production environments that experience a wide range of temperatures with extreme heat and/or cold, usually between 0 and 750 degrees Celsius. Durable and dependable, these thermocouples are perfect in electric furnaces, plastic and resin production and other higher-heat applications.

Contact Your Industrial Heating Pros

For over 40 years, Hi-Watt Inc. has provided superior quality heating and temperature control systems for clients in many industries. Our continuing mission is delivering first-class products and exceptional customer service. Whether you need thermal components, turnkey solutions or support, our professionals are ready to help meet your needs. Contact us today!