over the side immersion heater

Over-the-side heaters are a specific type of immersion heater ideal for heating water, oils, solvents, salts, and acids. Over-the-side heater application versatility is enhanced with optional sheath materials, kilowatt ratings, terminal enclosures, and mounting methods.

The L and O shaped “installed-from-the-top” heaters slide simply into tanks, with the heated portion immersed along the side or at the bottom. “Drum immersion heaters” are designed for direct immersion in a standard 55-gallon steel drum. Watlow® vertical loop immersion heaters are well-suited for open tank applications.

In addition to over the side immersion heaters, Hi-Watt Inc. carries a wide variety of other types of immersion heaters including screw plug immersion heaters, and flanged immersion heaters.

Electric Immersion Heaters

When it comes to comprehensive heating solutions, Hi-Watt Inc. has the experience necessary to connect you with precision options for your particular industry. Discover how you can use an over-the-side immersion heater for your manufacturing process. Heat solvents, oils, salts, water, and acids efficiently with one of these specialized immersion heater options.

Basic Over the Side Immersion Heater Features

An over the side immersion heater is typically installed from the top of a sealed drum or open tank. These simple, yet effective, heater designs are easy to use with a range of drums and barrels. Choose a permanent mount or a removable heater to easily switch between tanks.

There is a wide range of electric immersion heater designs, so it can be difficult to select the ideal option for your particular process. Here are some general specifications to compare as you choose the best immersion heater for your application:

  • Kilowatt rating
  • Heating element material
  • Physical shape
  • Mounting method
  • Phase

Unlike typical immersion heaters, an over the side heater doesn’t use a screw plug or other seal. While these models still physically immerse the heating unit into the water, oil or solvent you need to heat, most mounting methods allow you to easily remove or adjust the heater throughout the process.

Choose a versatile heating element or select a kilowatt rating, sheathing material, and phase of the heater that precisely matches the specifications of a single heating process.

L-Shaped Immersion Heaters

As the name implies, this L-shaped heater has a long vertical riser and a horizontal heating element. The riser isn’t heated, so only the lower levels of the liquid are heated. If you need to prevent direct contact with the bottom of the tank, choose an L-shaped immersion heater with legs attached to the heating element.

Choose steel, copper, cast iron, titanium, or a number of other premier sheath materials to prevent corrosion and other issues while heating your particular solvent, oil, or other liquid. Because of the low-level heating element, an L-shaped immersion heater is ideal for low tank level heating situations.

Side Mount/Top Mount Immersion Heaters

A side mount immersion heater, also known as a top mount heater, uses a mounting bracket to install directly to the side of a tank or barrel. Most side mount heaters include a cold section, so they are compatible with a lower fill level. Depending on the style of the mounting bracket, you can enjoy rapid removal or a more secure, fixed immersion heater on a particular barrel.

Side mount immersion heaters use quartz, copper, fluoropolymer, titanium, or other materials for the sheathing material. They can be either one or three-phase immersion heaters and come in a range of physical designs to fit your exact barrel, drum, or other containers.

Deep Tank Heaters

Finally, a deep tank heater has an extra-long vertical riser. This type of heater is typically designed for your specific holding tank. Some deep tank heaters feature an extra-long horizontal heating element, while others have a vertical riser as long as 10 feet or more.

Choose either a single or three-phase design for your deep tank heater. This over the side heater option typically uses either titanium or 316 stainless steel but can be custom-made with your particular sheathing material specifications.

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Features & Benefits:
Rugged, light-weight constructionResists damage during installation or removal
0.475 in. (12 mm) diameter WATROD heating elementsOffers one- or three-phase operation
WATROD hairpins are repressed (recompacted)Maintains MgO density, dielectric strength, heat transfer and heater life
Four inch (100 mm) sludge legsKeeps heating elements off the tank’s bottom to help avoid being covered with sediment
RTV riser sealPrevents moisture from infiltrating electrical areas
Standardized size 1 in. (25 mm) conduit openingsFacilitates wiring
SRG insulated flexible lead wires, rated to 390°F (200°C)Allows factory or field wiring for three- or one-phase operation
Riser materials are compatible with element sheath materials such as stainless steel with Incoloy® sheath and steel with steel sheathMeets varying application needsEnsures ease of use
  • Alloy 800 sheath element watt densities to 60 W/in² (9.3 W/cm²)
  • Wattages to 50 killowatts
  • Voltages to 600VAC
  • Lightest per KW of any heater on the market
  • Lowest watt density rating to reduce build-up and prolong heater life.
  • Electropolish available to reduce corrosion.
  • 239 F preset over-temperature sensor standard.
  • Moisture resistant junction box fully welded.
  • 1″ stand-off leg standard.
  • Customizing available.
  • Short lead times.
  • Permanently mounted tag allowing easy identification.
  • Sheath materials available: SA=304 Stainless Steel, SB=316 Stainless Steel, N-Incoloy®, T-Titanium.
  • Most heaters CSA® and UL® recognized.