Vaisala Humidity

Next generation Vaisala humidity transmitters should be on the job when stable, accurate measurements cannot be compromised. The company’s compact transmitters with advanced technology are designed for demanding to light industrial applications.

Vaisala engineers industrial humidity sensors with specialized sensors that monitor and measure humidity in a range of industries, inside and outside. The company stands out as a market innovator in thin-film capacitive sensors that deliver reliable relative humidity readings. For demanding applications, a transmitter with an advanced Vaisala sensor features a thin-film polymer.

The company’s humidity transmitters offer an array of the probe and mounting options with the ability to tailor instruments to specific requirements. Models are available to withstand harsh environments while providing long-term stability.

There are also instruments geared to environments where temperature, pressure and humidity are high. Light industrial applications benefit from transmitter monitoring devices that utilize an interchangeable humidity probe. Options for humidity measurement parameters will vary by Vaisala model. Transmitters are available with both humidity and temperature sensors.

Vaisala Humidity Sensor Technology

The compact Vaisala humidity sensor reports on critical humidity measurements in manufacturing environments, cleanrooms and other settings. These instruments are available in lightweight sizes that streamline integration.

We distribute the proven Vaisala series of humidity and temperature transmitters. They’re built to perform in spite of exposure to dust and common chemicals. Choose the best humidity monitoring models for your heavy to light industrial applications, pressurized pipelines, HVAC or vacuum conditions.

We distribute humidity instrumentation that’s engineered to excel and able to fit in tight spaces. Contact Hi-Watt to learn more about how we can play an important role in your humidity monitoring and control efforts.

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