The Mini8 Controller is a compact device that offers high-performance control capabilities usually found in Eurotherm panel mount PID controllers. Its modular design enables easy customization to suit a wide range of applications, from simple to complex. The Mini8 controller is an ideal partner for a programmable logic controller, offering multi-drop capabilities on serial, fieldbus, or Ethernet communications. 

Furthermore, it provides a cost-effective alternative to analog measurement or loop control, reducing the hardware cost of the PLC. 

Its feature set includes high-performance PID control, graphical programming, and math, logic, and timing function blocks. When used in a data acquisition installation, the Mini8 controller’s high-density analog I/O can be combined with 6000 Series paperless.

Mini8® Loop Controller Data Sheet

Eurotherm Mini8® Loop Controller Specifications

Input TypeCT, mA, mV, RTD, TC
Panel size (DIN)DIN rail
PV Accuracy<0.1% (with new +/-0.25°C CJC thermocouple compensation)
IP RatingIP20
Display TypeRemote
Control TypesOn/Off, PID
Alarm TypesDev, Event, Heater fail, Hi, Lo, Sensor Break
Supply Voltage24V dc
Special FeaturesCascade Control, User wiring, Load diagnostics
Analogue IP/OP In32
Analogue IP/OP Out8
Digital IP/OP In34
Digital IP/OP Out32
Digital CommsClient/Server, Modbus TCP/IP, DeviceNet, Modbus
Maths Equationup to 32 Calculations
Combinational Logicup to 44 Operations
Timers/Counters/Totals8 / 2 / 2
PC ConfigurationGraphical wiring
Control loops16 plus 8 remote
Control AlgorithmsCascade, Single