gefran controller

Choose your preferred model of Gefran controllers to manage electrical power more safely, effectively, and efficiently. An industry-leading controller supports space, cabling and budgetary requirements. Compact Gefran units, such as the GFX4, offer four independent-loop controllers. The model combines various technological components, including a controller, solid state relay, current transformers, and optional fuse holders.

Single loop controllers can unite power management with analog and digital input/outputs. multi loop controllers are independently managed through software that also supplies comprehensive diagnostics. Feedback is reported on the loaded current, zone control and alarm states. Digital communication between Gefran PID temperature controllers and operator terminals is based on the most commonly used protocols.

Gefran Temperature Controller Feedback

An expertly engineered Gefran multiple-loop control system will run diagnostics and generate feedback on factors such as current and voltage. It also serves as a Gefran temperature controller by monitoring this vital factor and activating an alarm when a temperature overage occurs. One unit delivers temperature and power control feedback, including circuit and load analysis.

Gefran power control offers short circuit, interrupted load and over-current alarm functions. Specialized software assists with product configuration. The standard configurations are modified smoothly to complement specific applications, for example, when you need to assign new functions to outputs.

Gefran Multi-Loop Controller Manages Power

Manage electrical power with a Gefran multi loop controller, such as the GFX4-IR. Gefran engineers advanced units that are simple to configure, operate, and modify. The microprocessor-managed models offer independent four-loop control in conjunction with single- and three-phase load functionality.

Gefran controllers can be configured easily via guided software tools. Gefran is a leader in multiple loop control systems. Contact Hi-Watt for your multiple and single loop controller needs now.

Gefran GFX-4 Spec Sheet