Revamp your energy management system with the EPower Advanced SCR Power Controller. Cutting-edge technology and innovation reduce your energy costs and maximize your flexibility. With up to four independent control loops, you can tailor the controller to your specific requirements. Choose from current ratings ranging from 100A to 630A and explore additional options boards for even greater flexibility.

Epower™ SCR Data Sheet

Epower™ Advanced SCR Specifications

Digital CommsCC link, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, ProfiNet, DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus
Maximum Current (Amps)Compact 50-630A, Decentralised 800-4000A (MC)
Maximum Voltage (Volts)690V
Controlled Phases1-2 x 2, 1-4 x 1, 3
PLF and/or PLUYes
Current LimitYes
Alarm TypesYes
Input AnalogueYes
Input LogicYes
Firing Mode Phase AngleYes
Firing Mode Burst FiringYes
Heater Type Constant ResistanceYes
Heater Type SWIRYes
Heater Type Variable ResistanceYes
Heater Type Inductive/Transformer CoupledYes