Gefran 450 PID Controller

Gefran’s PID temperature controllers regulate variables through a feedback system. Not only do they activate the heating element to reach the target temperature, but they also adjust the temperature throughout the process to avoid overheating. The goal is to reduce cumulative error to zero. Gefran offers a range of temperature controllers with varying capabilities, all made with the highest levels of quality control.

Single Loop

If you need precise thermal control with alarms and reporting, a single-loop controller can provide innovative functionality without additional loops and costs. These controllers are typically front-of-panel products with visible displays, making them quick and easy to install and operate.

  • GFX: We are proud to introduce an integrated system designed to control power and temperature for industrial electric heating processes. The system’s architecture is optimized for temperature control of multizone plants. The GFX system is not only compact and easy to install but also easy to use.
  • 600: With Gefran’s 600, controlling your thermal process has never been easier. The device uses four keys, two LED displays, and four signal lights for basic control. You can connect the 600 to a thermocouple or thermistor via its universal main input, and two presettable setpoints allow for precise single PID loop control.

Multi Loop

Multi-loop controllers are designed to support multiple loops and fieldbus options, and are typically installed behind the panel. Unlike single-loop controllers, which can only control one machine, multi-loop controllers are capable of connecting to multiple machines within a single machine or throughout a plant. This allows for a more streamlined control system.

  • 3850T: Experience the ultimate control with the 3850T controller. Its data logger and batch report features provide convenient real-time monitoring of up to 16 individual loops. The set point programmer and function block give you critical ability to configure and control. The 7-inch touchscreen offers easy and effortless control.
  • 1600V: With its impressive power, you can easily create up to 4 local setpoints and configure the output function from the keypad with ease. The Gefran 1600V makes controlling 3-step motorized valves effortless.