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The Benefits of BriskHeat’s Self-Regulating Heating Cables

Founded in 1949, BriskHeat is an industry-leading manufacturer of flexible surface heating elements, controls, and accessories, including self-regulating heat cables.

Self-regulating cables automatically adjust their heat output based on surface and ambient temperatures. Their self-regulating ability means many applications, including freeze protection, condensation prevention, and viscosity control, do not require separate temperature controllers.

BriskHeat offers two primary types of self-regulating cables: SpeedTrace and Cut-to-Length. In this article, we’ll cover the differences between these two types of self-regulating cables, including primary features, benefits, and recommended applications.


BriskHeat’s SpeedTrace heating cables are pre-terminated self-regulating cables available in lengths ranging from 6 to 150 feet, depending on the product. Since they are shipped in specific lengths and pre-terminated, they are ready for use and easy to install. All SpeedTrace products are safe to use indoors and outdoors and can be overlapped and insulated, so they perform well in many applications.

The three primary SpeedTrace products are:

  • Standard Self-Regulating Heating Cable
  • Extreme Self-Regulating Heating Cable
  • CE Self-Regulating Heating Cable


A SpeedTrace self-regulating heat cable wrapped around a pipe

The standard self-regulating cable is commonly used in pipe and vessel tracing, freeze protection, and viscosity control applications. It is available at 5 watts per foot (50 degrees Fahrenheit), two voltage ranges (110 to 120 and 208 to 277), and comes in twelve lengths ranging from 6 to 150 feet.


SpeedTrace Extreme self-regulating heat cable

The extreme self-regulating cable is comparable to the standard version but operates at 8 watts per foot rather than 5 watts per foot. The higher wattage offers the potential to generate more heat, so the extreme version of the product works well in more severe applications. It comes in two voltage ranges (110 to 120 and 208 to 277) and six lengths ranging from 6 to 100 feet.


BriskHeat's CE self-regulating cable bundled up

The CE self-regulating heating cable has many of the same characteristics as the standard version described earlier, seeing wide usage for pipe freeze protection and safe thawing of metal and plastic pipes and valve assemblies.

The primary difference between the standard and CE versions is that the CE version conforms to European Union (EU) safety, health, and environmental protection requirements and bears the CE marking.

The CE version is required for EU products, regardless of their manufacturing location. The CE version is available at 5 watts per foot (50 degrees Fahrenheit), in one voltage range (208 to 277), and in four lengths ranging from 2 (6.5 feet) to 16 meters (41 feet).


As mentioned earlier, the primary difference between the SpeedTrace and cut-to-length is that SpeedTrace cables are pre-terminated, making them easier to install when you know the required cable lengths in advance. Cut-to-length cables allow installers to measure the length needed and cut it to length in the field. Like SpeedTrace, cut-to-length is available in different voltage, wattage, and cover or insulation options based on the application.

There are three primary categories for BriskHeat’s cut-to-length cables: Mid-Temperature (SLMCAB), Low-Temperature (SLCAB), and High-Temperature (SLHCBL)


BriskHeat's mid-temperature self-regulating heating cable (SLMCAB)

The Mid-Temperature Self-Regulating Heating Cable is an ideal solution for freeze protection and low-temperature process maintenance, and can be used in extreme cold conditions as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 degrees Celsius) and up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius). The SLMCAB comes in two voltage ranges (110 to 120 and 208 to 277), three wattage (5, 10, and 15 watts per foot), and two outer cover options, one appropriate for dry environments and the other for wet or weak chemical environments.


BriskHeat's low-temperature self-regulating heat cable (SLCAB)

BriskHeat’s Low-Temperature Self-Regulating Heating Cable is an ideal solution for freeze protection and low-temperature process maintenance up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius). SLCAB is available at two voltage ranges (110 to 120 and 208 to 277), four wattages (3, 5, 8, and 10 watts per foot), and four outer cover or insulation options.


BriskHeat's high-temperature self-regulating heat cable (SLHCBL)

The High-Temperature Self-Regulating Heating Cable provides a solution for freeze protection and high-temperature process maintenance up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius). SLHCB has two voltage ranges (110 to 120 and 208 to 277), four wattages (5, 10, 15, and 20 watts per foot), and two outer cover or insulation options.

Safety Considerations & Energy Saving Tips

BriskHeat’s self-regulating heating cables are safe and effective when used in applications within their design parameters.

The primary safety considerations include:

  • Although BriskHeat’s self-regulating heat cables can be used in wet environments, they should never be fully immersed in fluid.
  • Only use cables classified for Class I/Division I environments when the cable will be used in an environment that may include ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors under normal operating conditions, during repair or maintenance, or where faulty equipment might release combustible gases or vapors.
  • Never use a self-regulating cable if it has been damaged or shows signs of wear. In both cases, replace the cable as soon as possible.
  • Wrap the cables and pipes in insulation whenever possible to reduce the energy consumed by SpeedTrace and cut-to-length self-regulating cables.
  • While self-regulating cables do not require temperature controllers, using controllers can save energy by ensuring the cable is energized only at the level needed to maintain the desired temperature.

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