Watlow EZ-Zone PM is now obsolete. Please contact Hi-Watt directly for the best replacement for your application.

Collage of six watlow temperature controllers

A proportional–integral–derivative such as those in the Watlow EZ-Zone family, is a three-term control loop mechanism that uses feedback for measuring the difference between a setpoint and the measured process variable and then applying a correction.

Widely used in industrial thermal processes that require continuous modulation, pid temperature controllers constantly apply proportional, integral, and derivative methods for accurate and responsive automatic control.

As leading Watlow distributors carrying a wide variety of Watlow controllers and Watlow heaters, Hi-Watt Inc. offers this line of controllers as part of our comprehensive line of thermal and process control components. Any Watlow temperature controller from us is manufactured by a company with nearly a century of experience designing and producing industrial heaters, temperature sensors, process controllers, and supporting software.

EZ-ZONE PM Panel Mount Controller

Our PM panel mount controller from Watlow EZ-ZONE gives users better control of their thermal systems’ paths and costs. It can prevent a heater’s temperature from exceeding adjustable limits, or it can serve as a proportional integral derivative controller. We offer this panel mount controller with 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32 DIN capabilities.

This PID temperature controller can handle up to two channels and 15A of electricity, and it works with many communication systems:

  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus TCP and RTU
  • Standard Bus
  • Bluetooth
  • DeviceNet
  • SAE J1939 CAN Bus

Measuring 11 mm by 41 mm, the controller comes with a three-year warranty.

EZ-ZONE RM Rail Mount Controller

As one of our most versatile Watlow controllers, this rail mount controller oversees your density, PID, and temperature. With six different functions, 256 oversight locations, and 152 systems to control your temperature, the device is highly customizable.

Each of the controller’s modules includes at most 24 alarms, and it can operate between 0 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit. The system works with Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, and Standard Bus. It is 21 mm tall and includes a three-year warranty.

EZ-ZONE PM Express Limit Controller

For easy-to-use PID control functions, our EZ-ZONE PM Express limit controller is a good replacement for SERIES SD, SERIES 935, and SERIES 93 systems. Use it to control your machine’s PID levels or acceptable range of temperatures. The menu includes only five buttons and a screen that’s simple to read, allowing you to quickly check and set your temperatures.

This controller comes with two alarms and communicates with Standard Bus and Bluetooth systems. Temperatures between 0 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit are acceptable, and it can release up to 15A. This 30.86-mm by 100.33-mm product is backed by a three-year warranty.

EZ-ZONE ST Solid State Controller

The EZ-ZONE ST solid state controller prevents your machine’s circuits from overloading or burning out. Its relay system can handle up to 75A, and it also functions as a communication device, a PID temperature controller, and a temperature regulator. We can customize your device so that your bill reflects only the services you need.

This 52.07-mm controller features two alarms and operates safely between 0 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Standard Bus, Modbus TCP, and Modbus RTU communication platforms all communicate with it. Its single-loop control system is under warranty for three years.

PM PLUS PID & Integrated Limit Controller

As Watlow’s latest improvement on the EZ-Zone PM, this device is straightforward to use and features a SMOOTH-TOUCH keypad, a simple menu, and a phone app for easy adjustments. It is available as an integrated or PID controller and includes explanations of each warning message.

The PM PLUS PID communicates with EtherNet/IP, Bluetooth, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP, Standard Bus, and SAE J1939 CAN Bus. Equipped with one loop and able to handle 15A, this controller relies on a 1/16 DIN panel for its mounting system.

EZ-ZONE PM Limit Controller

If you want all your limit controls in the same space, the Watlow EZ-ZONE PM limit controller is a great option. The device features a six-button control panel with a clear display screen and monitors your machine’s electrical output and temperature limits. Choose between 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32 DIN options.

This device operates well between 0 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit and incorporates four alarms. Add it to your existing communication programs:

  • Modbus RTU and TCP
  • Standard Bus
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherNet/IP

The 11-loop system, which has a three-year warranty, measures 11 mm by 41 mm.

What Is an EZ-ZONE Controller?

The Watlow EZ-ZONE series of controllers are PID controllers which unlike a typical on/off switch, offer versatile control of your industrial systems, reduced operational costs and many unique benefits.

Connect seamlessly to your controller with the EZ-LINK mobile application. This feature allows users to use a mobile application to monitor and adjust your control panel as necessary. Few PID panel mount controllers offer the same level of affordability, convenience and industry-leading quality.

Benefits of Watlow Controllers

Watlow controllers

Watlow offers a number of options which reduce system complexity and minimize downtime as well as maintenance costs. An overly complicated system adds risk of catastrophic failure or sudden breakdown. These streamlined PID control systems keep your installation and maintenance costs low.

These high-performance controllers come with high-amperage power options and optional over/under limit controls for maximum efficiency. As a connected device, even the normal operation of your EZ-ZONE series controllers require less time.

Use the included current monitoring to detect heater current flow. Should there be an issue with the output or heater load, a provided alarm alerts you and your employees to the issue. This safety issue prevents serious issues related to a damaged heater.

As a dual-channel controller, Watlow EZ-ZONE systems actually incorporate two separate PID control systems. Manage two closed loops with one small, space-saving device. Enjoy a range of mounting options to keep your EZ-ZONE right where you need it.

In the end, you need a PID panel mount controller that you can rely on. Choose an industry-leading brand and order one from an industry-leading supplier. Hi-Watt offers all the latest options of Watlow controllers, contact us for more information today.

Single Loop and Multi Loop Controllers

For panel-mount, single loop controllers, the Watlow EZ-Zone PM line includes a PID and limit controller. For rail-mount, multi-loop controllers, the EZ-Zone RM line offers modular scalability and cost efficiency.

Available in standard 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN front panel mounts, the PM line is available as a PID controller, over/under limit controller or an integration of the two. The optional high-amp output controller with integrated PID and over/under limit controllers saves panel space, improves safety and trims cost.

For reduced system complexity and cost savings in panel-mount applications, we recommend the EZ-Zone PM for the important, advanced features built in to each device. In addition to standard Watlow bus communications and configuration software, the PM line offers a range of serial communications protocol choices:

  • Modbus RTU
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus TCP
  • DeviceNet

Network connectivity for desktop and PLC devices is supported by this Watlow controller. Both the panel-mount single-loop controller and the rail-mount multi-loop controller lines include the Watlow Tru-Tune adaptive control algorithm for greater control of demanding applications.

Modular Design

Watlow EZ-Zone RM multi loop controllers are designed to simplify thermal system management with a modular design that is flexible and scalable. By purchasing only the number of loop controllers needed and by consolidating the range of components, parts management is streamlined. Likewise, the modular design of EZ-Zone RM components saves on wiring and labor. The bottom line is that you only pay for what you need to get the job done.

This line of multi-loop integrated controllers is designed to work within the family. You can build a thermal management system that includes an integrated on-off or Watlow PID controller, an over/under thermal monitor and limit controller or a high-density on-off or PID module.

The heart of the EZ-Zone RM is a DIN rail-mount controller that can be configured with a range of up to 17 modules for managing as many as 64 control loops plus communications. There are six types of modules in the rail-mount line:

  • Integrated on-off or PID control, temperature monitor and over/under limit
  • High-density on-off or PID control
  • High-density limit-only
  • Input/output (I/O) expansion
  • High-density monitor/scanner
  • Data logging and field communications access

The versatile and efficient Watlow EZ-Zone RM line is recognized as an industry first because it offers single-zone scalability, multi-loop control with PID limit and power control in one package. Input and output are assignable between modules, multiple sensor types are preprogrammed, and process inputs and profiling of up to 400 steps are included.

Combining up to 16 control and expansion modules with a communications access and data-storage module is a snap with the integrated connectors that eliminate the need for additional wiring. Adding a connector allows each module to be scaled up to 4 loops.

Watlow Distributors

Hi-Watt Inc. are recognized nationally as leading Watlow distributors carrying a complete inventory of industrial electric heaters, thermal and process components, temperature sensors and temperature controllers. In addition to the Watlow EZ-Zone controller we also carry multi loop controllers such as the Watlow F4 controller, Watlow F4T, and Watlow limit controller such as the Watlow PM6. We also carry the enhanced EZ ZONE Watlow PM PLUS model.

Learn more about Watlow PID controllers, PM express limit controllers, RM integrated controllers, and how we can help you with Watlow EZ-Zone products.