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When you need the best industrial heaters and thermocouples on the market, choose Watlow. Hi-Watt offers the comprehensive purchasing, installation and servicing you can expect from the best Watlow distributor. Discover the advantages of choosing Watlow heaters from Watlow distributors in your area.

Some of the Watlow products we carry include: WatlowPM Legacy single loop temperature controllers, Watlow Thermocouples, Watlow SpecView HMI software, Watlow F4 controller, PM Legacy, more.

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Watlow Controllers

We carry a wide variety of Watlow single loop controllers, multi loop controllers, limit controls and power controls. Contact us today for more information on popular product lines such as the Watlow F4, F4T, PM6, PM Plus and more.
watlow pm plus controller image

Immersion Heaters

Our high performance immersion heaters come in screw plug, flanged, and over-the-side designs. These heaters (sometimes called an “immersion heater for water”) are placed directly into liquids, such as water, oils, solvents, processing solutions, salts and gases.
Screw Plug Immersion Heater

Cartridge Heaters

Our selection of quality cartridge heaters (also known as rod heaters or insertion heaters), including the FIREROD® product line, offer exceptional durability and performance through advanced designs, superior materials and rigorous manufacturing standards. As dependable Watlow cartridge heaters suppliers our reliable products provide corrosion resistance, efficient heat transfers and are built for long life and more uniform temperatures.

Cartridge/insertion heater construction consists of an electric heating coil surrounded by a tube-shaped metal case. These industrial heaters come in a wide variety of diameters and lengths. They provide excellent vibration resistance.

Watlow Cartridge Heater Components

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