How Do IR Heaters Work?

Even though you might be hearing about quartz IR heaters for the first time, these industrial electric heaters have been used for quite some time. In general, electric infrared energy travels in straight lines, leaving the heat source and entering the surrounding area. Similar to light, it travels outward and diffuses over a significant distance. Therefore, this principle can be used to heat both indoor and outdoor locations. A quartz heater is a type of infrared heater that releases heat made from a heating element. Typically, the heating element is enclosed in a tube. Then, the heating element makes heat at a specific wavelength. This creates the level of intensity required to heat the surrounding area. The tube is used to protect the heating element and stop any convection heat from altering the temperature. Eventually, this infrared heat is absorbed by people and objects in the surrounding area. Instead of simply having heat float through the room, it is stored in objects and people in the area. Of course, infrared heat is very safe, and heat can be held by objects in the area. This is a more efficient way of heating up the entire room.

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