What is an immersion heater?

immersion heaters

An immersion heater (sometimes called an “immersion heater for water”) is an industrial heater which is placed directly into liquids, such as water, oils, solvents, processing solutions, salts and gases. These heaters come in screw plug, flanged, and over-the-side designs.

Screw plug immersion style heaters screw right into tank openings for gas, air and liquid heating. With these designs, tubular elements are connected to the screw plug. The compact profile of our screw plug immersion models can attach easily to tank interiors. In flanged designs, tubular elements are welded into a flange and inserted through the side of the pressure vessel. A range of screw plug and flange sizes are available.

In contrast, over-the-side equipment is not inserted into a tank wall. Each of these industrial electric heaters are built for reliable, directly immersed heating.

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