OEM Thermal Processing

Over 40% of our business is providing our customers a custom solution. Hi-Watt serves middle market OEMs in the automotive and food industries, among many others. OEM thermal processes we support include plastic hot air heat staking, infrared heat welding machines, packaging sealing processes, food processing and heated edge folds machines. Our OEM customers require technical product support/system design, competitive pricing and the ability to work with factories to expedite products as needed.

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Case Study

A local OEM approached Hi-Watt about designing a short wave infrared lamp array and controls package to execute a 10-second cycle time process to allow them to weld an automotive plastic assembly. We then engineered and delivered a turnkey package of lamps and controls to allow startup of the new process within an aggressive six week timeline.

Another local OEM needed a complete turnkey heated platen system and package of controls in 5-7 weeks. Hi-Watt designed the platen, heaters, temp sensors and controls from the start, and delivered the entire package of products in under the critical timeframe allowed.



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