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When you need the best industrial heaters and thermocouples on the market, choose Watlow. Hi-Watt offers the comprehensive purchasing, installation and servicing you can expect from the best Watlow distributor. Discover the advantages of choosing Watlow heaters from Watlow distributors in your area.

Some of the Watlow products we carry include Watlow PM Legacy and PM Plus temperature controllers, thermocouples, SpecView HMI software, F4 controller, and more.

Available Watlow Products

Take your industrial heating to the next level today. Industrial heaters require specialized installation and controls, so it’s important to choose a premium provider of the latest technology. Watlow is a global leader in these products, so a Watlow thermal system can improve the efficiency of your manufacturing facility. Here are the three basic categories of Watlow products:

  • Heaters
  • Sensors
  • Controllers

Watlow Heaters

Watlow heaters are capable of precision heating and come in many rugged designs and innovative models. Immersion heaters, fluid delivery heaters, circulation heaters and more provide the dynamic heating solutions your company needs.

Whether you’re looking for a flexible way to keep your industrial factory warm or your manufacturing process requires a continuous temperature for a specific fluid, you’ll find a Watlow heater designed for your requirements.


Industrial temperature sensors by Watlow are precision components that can accurately measure the temperature and other factors in your work environment. Select a sensor designed for extreme temperatures or use a digital temperature for fine-tuned readings.


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Finally, controllers are complex electrical devices that communicate with your heater, sensors and other components to keep your manufacturing process moving forward efficiently. Control the temperature, monitor humidity and perform a number of other measurement and control features with industry-leading precision.

Because of the specialized nature of industrial heaters, Watlow may not provide the exact controllers or other devices you need. In that case, you need a skilled engineer who can help you design a custom panel that fits your process.

Our engineers at Hi-Watt understand how to rebuild and redesign Watlow products. We’ll work with you to train your employees on the safe operation of an OEM or custom-made thermal heating system.

Benefits of Watlow Products

At Hi-Watt, we only work with leading brands that offer the ultimate in precision components. From a single sensor to a turnkey thermal system, Watlow offers the rugged capabilities you need for your industry. All of these state-of-the-art thermal system components are designed to be used together to create a full system or separately to repair and upgrade your current system.

As a global leader in quality assurance and specialized industrial heaters, Watlow is a name you can trust. With over 40 years of experience, our team at Hi-Watt works with only the best in the industry. You can trust our industrial heater selection, and we trust Watlow products for your immersion heaters, controllers and precision sensors.

Relevant Industries

Industrial heaters are applicable to a range of industries. Whether you’re operating an injection molding small business or a sizeable chemical processing corporation, Hi-Watt has the experience and the distribution resources to maintain, repair or upgrade your thermal system. Here are some of the industries we work with:

  • Plastic processing
  • Injection mold tooling
  • Thermal processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Research and development
  • Defense and aerospace

If you operate in one of these industries, or in another industry that requires the latest in industrial heating systems, Watlow products and leading Watlow distributors are capable of increasing your operating efficiency and providing you with cutting-edge heating solutions.

Learn More

Contact us today to learn more about our role as Watlow distributors. At Hi-Watt, we are trained in designing, ordering, installing and servicing industrial heaters and control panels from Watlow and other leading brands.

Whether you need a prompt repair project or you’re considering ordering a new thermal system for your industrial needs, reach out to us to discover how we can partner to improve your production efficiency.

We’re a leading Watlow distributor of process heaters, temperature sensors and temperature controls. In addition to Watlow products we provide products from top brands including TEMPCO, CHROMALOX, GEFRAN and more.

Our polite and knowledgeable staff can help you with replacement parts, system upgrades and modifications, as well as complete turnkey thermal loop systems. The team at Hi-Watt is proud to say that we’re not just a Watlow distributor.

We also design and build control panels and consoles built to order through our high quality and dependable design and engineering department. We also offer onsite training for all of our customers. It’s important to us that our clients see us as their industry partner. We want them to rely on us for stock items, design services and in-house repairs. When it comes to the thermal industry, go with Watlow distributors that can give you the complete, full-service experience.

Contact Hi-Watt today for all your Watlow product needs.