watlow temperature controller

As leading Watlow distributors, we carry many Watlow temperature controllers including the Watlow PM PLUS, PM Legacy, F4 controller, and more. We also carry an extensive inventory of Watlow heaters.

Explore the power switching devices, event data loggers and process controllers for your thermal system. These dynamic devices assist you in monitoring and controlling relative humidity, temperature limits, flow, pH and position.

What To Consider When Choosing a Watlow Controller

As you look to complete your thermal system, there are a number of factors to consider. A Watlow controller gives you the opportunity to alter and monitor a number of features to improve the efficiency of your thermal system.

Consider a single- or multi-loop system for your thermal process. Power switching devices, operator interface terminals, and agency-rated safety limits are all additional components that you may need. Record and log information with process and even data loggers.

Integrated Multi-Function Controllers

Choose a modular, multi-function controller to personalize your thermal system controls and data logging capabilities. This Watlow temperature controller style reduces complexity and allows for a rapid assembly and design process.

Multi-functionality equips you with ratio controls, mean value information, override controls and feed-forward controls. These various processes are all handled by a single, intuitive controller to reduce the need for multiple systems and complex controls.

Temperature and Process Controllers

Connect a PID temperature controllers to your thermal system to enjoy single- or multi-loop customization. These dynamic Watlow temperature controller options use one or more sensor inputs to carefully monitor the process.

Your Watlow controller sensor inputs use open-loop break detection for safe operations. Connect with control and alarm outputs to configure your system to match your needs. These controllers come with various limit zones, control modes, control loop numbers and other features.

Choose between switched DC, no-arc hybrid relays, solid state and analog process output options to your system. There are specialized features to consider as well, such as burst fire output control, a customizable menu, failed heater/load detection and a countdown timer.

Limits and Scanners

Protect your thermal system with limits and scanners. Choose between single- and multi-loop options to monitor temperature levels within your single- or multi-channel operation. These products supplement your Watlow temperature controller to avoid sudden failure or dangerous temperature levels.

Configure the limit system to determine the safe or acceptable temperature range. If the process moves beyond this range, your Watlow limit opens the contact to halt the heat application.

Temperatures are determined using a range of sensor options:

  • Industrial temperature sensors
  • Thermocouple sensors
  • Thermal switch input
  • RTD sensors

You can set the temperature or use the fixed limit value of your Watlow limits and scanners. These RoHS compliant devices have FM approval and can withstand a range of industrial environments and other harsh working conditions.

PM Plus

Choose the enhanced EZ-ZONE PID and integrated limit controller for your thermal process. This innovative product reduces the control complexity during use and during configuration. Use the EZ-LINK mobile app to enable Bluetooth connectivity.

Your Watlow PID controller comes with the following specifications:

  • 1/16 DIN panel mount
  • 15A no-arc maximum output
  • Remote limit reset
  • Alarms

The innovative SMOOTH-TOUCH keypad allows for easy readability and use. Enjoy backward compatibility with the PM Plus to continue using your existing EZ-ZONE PM controllers. Monitor temperatures and protect your entire system from overheating issues thanks to this versatile controller.


Take flexibility to the next level with the F4T. Design your own system with a wide range of field removable I/O modules. The F4T is a great option for scalable heat process control and limit monitoring. A 4.3 inch color touch panel makes it easy to read and easy to control.

Connect the F4T with between one and four PID loops with individual profile and data logging options. Monitor up to 24 channels and set up to 14 alarms that can be connected to email or text alerts.

Setting up this temperature and process controller is surprisingly easy. Connect it on your own and see for yourself how the flexibility and functionality protect your thermal system from heat changes or analog input error.

Legacy Limit Controller

Enjoy the same temperature controller features with limit controls to monitor and protect your thermal system. The over/under limit controller can be integrated with your PID controller to reduce the space necessary for heater control systems.

This panel mount package includes all the controls and advanced features of the EZ-ZONE PM, but with limit controls. Setup the panel in the same way and connect it to sensors throughout the thermal loop to protect against shorts in the circuit or dramatic temperature variances.

Single-Loop vs. Multi-Loop Controllers

Your Watlow temperature controller can work with single loop controllers or multi loop controllers, depending on your application. There are many shared features of these two controllers, and a number of design differences among the same category of controllers, so it’s important to carefully consider the optimal device for your process.

The number of channels, limits, alarms and other features all differ between similar single-loop controllers or multi-loop alternatives. Be sure to review these features as well as you shop for the best option for your industrial process.

Single-loop controllers are only connected to a single thermal loop. Most are front-of-panel products with an easy-to-read display. They may monitor and record a number of variables, but they are only connected to a single system. Here are some common single-loop applications:

  • Food processing
  • Heat presses
  • Kilns
  • Sealers
  • Extruder barrel heating

A multi-loop controller is used in many of the same applications but can monitor and adjust multiple processes at the same time. These devices are typically mounted behind the panel and can be programmed independently or as a group.

Once installed and programmed, a multi-loop controller can reduce machine downtime and installation costs. Receive stable temperatures and streamlined monitoring with this single device integrated with multiple thermal loops.

Consider the scope of your heat process and the size of your facility to select a Watlow temperature controller from Hi-Watt. Depending on the number of heaters, ovens or other thermal devices, a single- or multi-loop controller may be better suited for your particular application.